In the high-growth sector of vegetable substances, we offer tailor made solutions, customized ingredients as well as a premium portfolio of several natural extracts.​

Providing Clean label For Gen Z more socially conscious generation

Today, Millennials and Gen Z have become the primary drivers of the skincare industry and with the increased awareness about a healthy lifestyle.  They are concerned about the health impact of synthetic chemical ingredients in the foods and skincare products they consume.

Consumers want Clean Label products, which in essence are those that have fewer, simpler, and more wholesome ingredients that are sourced and manufactured via transparent processes. 

This translates into an urgency for brands to align with the consumer’s  values that influence their purchasing decisions.




That are perfectly adapted to meet the infinite needs and expectations of our clients.

  • Innovative premium ingredients
  • Eco-designed extracts
  • Ethical sustainable Sourcing
  • Transparency and traceability
  • Safe and effective

Cutting-edge technology



Selected from the admirable panoply of medicinal  herbs present in the Mediterranean coast. Our selection of plants is tailor-made to meet the market’s expectations in natural perfume, organic cosmetic, and nutraceutical. 

Made using cutting-edge extraction and concentration technology, with 100% traceability. 

changing the
future together

Our ingredients are sourced from conscious growers. Based on the potential of the terroir and the skills that surround it, the challenge is to succeed in developing agricultural sectors to promote the renewable biomass of typical plants of the region.

All our  extracts come from natural plant resources that are selected according to exhaustive research on their composition. We are focused on making the most sustainable choices for our products. We are actively engaged to set up and build a sustainable network of partners and suppliers in order to implement a sourcing procedure that fits the high level of specifications and quality commitments of the company.


Sustainable development



The flora of the Mediterranean is one of the most fascinating flora there is. Plants grow in exceptional climatic conditions which have led them to develop chemical substances with very broad and very powerful medicinal properties.

Many of these “aromatic herbs” synthesize and store in specialized plant tissues essential oils with increasingly studied and recognized medicinal properties but also bitter constituents with marked pharmacological properties.


ACTIFS PRECIEUX develops solutions to growing demand for pure and natural substances and meets the most stringent standards and requirements. 

ACTIFS PRECIEUX adopts the supercritical fluid extraction as a novel eco-technology and develops high quality, innovative ingredients. 

Our Green Technology

As part of an ecofriendly approach, ACTIFS PRECIEUX is committed to offering production techniques compliant with our environmental and societal strategy.  

This Innovative Green technology allows us to minimize our environmental impact by reducing our energy consumption and the use of alternative solvents for the production of high-quality natural ingredients.

Our CO2 extracts

CO2 extracts can manifest properties of both essential oils and whole plant oils (fatty acids components). By varying the pressure of the system, it is possible to customize which constituents are pulled from the plant, and what kind of extract is produced.


The use of SFE technology for the extraction, purification and formulation of bioactive compounds from plants. It relies on the use of our large range of equipment from pilot plant to industrial scale.

Our research center

Our team continuously develops innovative products and processes, based on supercritical CO₂-technology. The company continues to invest heavily in research and development creating new innovative products for Health and Wellness Applications.


Counter-Current Column for liquid/supercritical refinements

ACTIFS PRECIEUX is equipped to be able to perform solid extraction but also liquid fractionation with a Counter-Current Column for liquid/supercritical refinements.


CO2 supercritical extracts




Up to 600 bars

The solution to your active and extracts needs for skincare and hair care. Ingredients that provide everything from soothing and moisturizing to Skin Firming and anti-aging claims to your formulation.
Nutractifs™ are eco-designed plant extracts for nutraceuticals. These natural extracts meet all the criteria of quality, regularity compliance and safety.
Supercritical fluid technology adapts to your demand. Unique know-how at your disposal.


Safe and effective
Overall expertise from the seed to the active ingredient to develop innovative solutions for the cosmetic and nutraceutical markets. As the extraction process is the leading method to recover bioactive compounds, supercritical CO2 extraction has been reported as the best modern technology to sustainably and safely extract bioactive compounds.
Natural ingredients
Exclusive premium ingredients extracted in-house from plants and nothing else added to them.
High performance
We have initiated significant achievements in the technology of extraction and fractionation of natural products by supercritical fluids.
Transparency and Traceability
Actifs Précieux has the advantage of controlling every stage of the supply chain - from seed to extract: cultivation, harvesting, transformation, extraction and finally refining. This is how Actifs Precieux can guarantee quality, transparency and traceability.
Nigella Sativa
Phoenix Dactylifera
Nigella Sativa
Opuntia Ficus-indica
Boswellia Sacra
Pink Pepper

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Our worldwide presence

We have grown our worldwide presence with privileged partners to get closer to our clients in their markets. Today, we maintain a network of representatives and distributors based in more than 9 countries.

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