Natural extracts and bioactive ingredients for consumer-friendly labels.

Natural solutions for functional food, health and wellness products.


Sustainable and innovative ingredients

We produce plant extracts ingredients as green alternatives for the health and well-being, in a quest to accelerate sustainable consumption.

Key expertise

Pioneer In Supercritical Fluid high-pressure Technology in Africa

As a pioneer in Supercritical Technology in Africa, Actifs Precieux has gained a key expertise on a specific ecosystem: African and Mediterranean Medicinal Plants.


Your advantages

We support you with technical, scientific and formulation advice to enhance your clean label project.


Our process

Low Carbon Footprint

Green extraction processes

The modulation of CO2 solvent power on the function of the temperature and pressure is the basis of the Supercritical CO2 technology.


For example:

  • Impregnation of active ingredients in porous matrixes
  • Lipids processing: Omega-3 concentration, polar fatty acids purifications
  • Elimination of pesticides and allergens 
  • Actives principles for nutraceutical an pharmaceutical applications
  • Antioxidants purification


From the seed to the final ingredients

We are committed to controlling the sourcing of the plant by having our own plantations or partnering with local farmers.

Upcycling ingredient

Efficient use of ressources, and the reuse of plant-based raw materials that can be transformed into higher value-added bioactive ingredients.

From field to production

We follow rigorous processes

Extraction and fractionation processes are certified for Organic Production according to EC N°834/2007 and dispositions EC N°889/2008 by ECOCERT. 


Organic or conventional,100% natural ingredients based on the ISO 16128 guidelines.

Great Flexibility​​

Aware of the requirements of our clients, we respond to the most varied requests.


Our quality system meets the highest standards set by the regulatory authorities.


We assure the compliance of our products to international regulation.


Analysis & strict controls performed internaly or with accredited and independent laboratories​

Our solutions

Sustainable and Natural Ingredients

Food Ingredients

When we combine our creativity with cutting-edge technology expertise to customer challenge, very good things happen.

Health Ingredients

Our Supercritical CO2 extracts are particularly popular in dietary supplements because of their beneficial effect on health.

Beauty Ingredients

 Our Supercritical CO2 extracted consist nearly of the full spectrum of a plant and contain more of the original plant components.

Tailor-made Ingredients

We offer you personalized access to Supercritical CO2 technology. .

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