Our Commitment ​

The ACTIFS PRECIEUX’s commitment to being a responsible company is deeply rooted in our values. Our ethical business approaches are an integral part of our style. 

By pooling a sustainable management program and a green chemistry approach, our company set itself a series of tangible commitments in the economic, social and environmental areas.


Responsible Innovation

The development of eco-friendly processes and products, is at the heart of consumer’s expectations and has been highly recommended by states and international organizations over the last decades. Developing natural high-quality extracts, requires a sustainable & responsible approach at every stage of the manufacturing process.


Eco-responsible partners

ACTIFS PRECIEUX sources itself through fair trade cooperatives by creating jobs opportunities with the best social practices for rural employees and by valorizing the Mediterranean and Tunisian plant heritage.

Our ingredients are sourced from conscious growers. Based on the potential of the terroir and the skills that surround it, the challenge is to succeed in developing agricultural sectors to promote the renewable biomass of typical plants of the region.

All our extracts come from natural plant resources that are selected according to exhaustive research on their composition. We are focused on making the most sustainable choices for our products. We are actively engaged to set up and build a sustainable network of partners and suppliers in order to implement a sourcing procedure that fits the high level of specifications and quality commitments of the company.

Green & Ecological Extraction Process

As part of a sustainable development approach, ACTIFS PRECIEUX adopts the supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) extraction as a novel eco-technology allowing the reduction of energy consumption and the use of alternative solvents for the production of high-quality natural ingredients.

This extraction process using supercritical fluid, respects the ethics of green chemistry. It is a clean product, free from harmful toxins and any synthetic chemical compounds. We do not only assemble the finest ingredients but also honor them throughout our process.

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