Carrot Seed

Daucus Carota Select Extract

Carrot Seed

Our pure carrot seed extract symbolize  self-expression promotion by allowing you to recognize the lesson experienced.


Product description: Plump yourself with the warm, sweet, earthy and herbaceous aroma of carrot CO2 extract. The most efficient to refuel your energy and break free from every day fatigue. It also makes your skin and hair divinely beautiful.  It is a strong ally to your cells that acts as supporting and protective agent by repairing damage on your skin & boosts cell turnover.  For a bright, glowing and firm complexion, our carrot select extract may offer the chance to reveal and revive your skin’s natural radiance.

Key Benefits:

– Supports emotional balance

– Promotes an evenly-toned complexion

– Promotes a healthy, glowing, firm complexion

– Increases Cell Turnover

– Stimulates circulation, brain & nerve functions

Scent profile:

Warm, sweet, earthy and herbaceous