Through an advanced and continuous research and development approach, ACTIFS PRECIEUX,  meets the challenge to ensure customers’ satisfaction by providing high added value products with new properties.  By pooling a sustainable management program and the green chemistry approach, our company set itself a series of tangible commitments that take in the careful management of economic, social and environmental areas.

The ACTIFS PRECIEUX’s commitment to being a responsible company is deeply rooted in our values. Our ethical business approaches are an integral part of our style. This is embodied in the way of working on a daily basis and a desire to promote our values throughout the value chain.

Based on the potential of the terroir and the skills that surround it, the challenge is to succeed in developing agricultural sectors to promote the renewable biomass of typical plants of the region. To produce eco-sourced and sustainably managed extract, ACTIFS PRECIEUX source itself through fair trade cooperatives by creating jobs opportunities with the best social practices for rural employees and by valorizing the Mediterranean and Tunisian plant heritage.

By joining the United Nations Global Compact in 2018, the company is committed to aligning its activities and strategy with the ten principles in the covenant on human rights, labor standards and the fight against corruption. ACTIFS PRECIEUX favors suppliers who have taken a sustainable development approach and who respect the principles of the global compact. We look after the well-being of rural women and try to train them and supervise them to improve their working conditions and promote their productions.

That way we put into action our corporate social responsibility approach by promoting access to employment and social inclusion of local communities, contributing to the protection of the environment and reducing our ecological footprint.

As a company, protecting humanity and its environment is a way of life. That’s why, today more than ever, “ACTIFS PRECIEUX” has chosen to develop in the service of creating a better world, in the ambition to be the best for the world.