Functional Food Ingredients

Committed to offer a product that is flavourful and functional at the same time?

Your consumers are getting more conscious about a healthier diet.

We just may have the answer!

Our pure supercritical extracts with their unique spectrum of ingredients, offer a new possibilities in product developments.

Shelf life advantage

Better cost in use

No solvent residu

Stonger actives

The advantages of using this type of extracts are indisputable for the following reasons:

Fat-soluble extracts are stable.

This allows savings in application, as only a small dose is needed to obtain maximum effectiveness in the formulation.

This type of extraction allows high yields to be obtained, achieving the maximum concentration of “aromatic” substances. The odour obtained is therefore very close to that of the original plant or raw material used for the extraction.

There is no degradation over time, as extraction at low temperature and free of oxygen prevents degradation and/or oxidation of the oils.                                                       

As no emissions are generated during the extraction process, these extracts are sustainable. In addition, there are no traces of solvents, additives, metal catalysts or heavy metals.

Our process, carried out at ambient temperatures and high pressures, avoid loss of aroma and degradation of actives.

Our Functional Food Ingredients

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