We are a team of talented women and men who love what we do.

About Us

Actifs Precieux is a research & development and manufacturing company which create premium clean label ingredients. The objective of  Actifs Precieux is to accelerate sustainable innovation of natural ingredients for the health and well-being.


At the heart of Actifs Precieux  lies three fundamental values, deeply rooted:

creativity,  humility,  courage.


& innovation

We focus on developing innovative high-tech natural ingredients, smartly designed to be globally compliant and integrate  Food and cosmetics products.

And with low carbon footprint : local sourcing and using our exclusive green extraction processes.



A bioactive ingredients  is a gift from nature.

Humility toward nature, for  we and the earth are intimately connected.
We take pride in our proximity to nature, which we care for with love, respecting the rhythm of the seasons.




A commitment TO more sustainable future 

Courage to meet the challenges, to innovate and to lead the way towards greater harmony  between nature and mankind. 

A commitments that take in the careful handling of ecological resources to protect the environment and future generations. They address all its impacts and engage its whole value chain – from product design to distribution, including the production process and the sourcing of raw materials.