Supercritical fluid extraction using CO2

Supercritical fluid extraction using  (SFE) is the answer to the growing demand for pure and natural substances for applications in the cosmetic industrie. SFE is not only the gentlest extraction method for sensitive feedstocks, it also delivers a number of additional, compelling advantages:

  •  Inert atmosphere.
  •  Moderate temperatures conditions.
  • Absence of harmful solvents and oxygen.
  •  Finished products without residues.
  •  Effective and selective extractions.
  •  Generation of different fractions in a process.
  •  Immediate application of all fractions.
  • 100% natural, Pure
  • Do not contain any solvents or additives.
  • Meet the strict criteria of natural cosmetic standards.
  • Highly concentrated and have a good efficacy at a low dosage.
  • Sterile and do not need any preservation.
  • Free from water, carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Very stable and stand out due to a very long shelf life.


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